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Time and Seasons of Silence

Everything has its time and season. Even silence has its time and season. I had to learn to practice silence . I always loved talking. However, silence time is good because it gives one the ability to listen and reflect. Learning the gift of silence comes with lots of practice.

Silence is powerful because it gives one an opportunity to listen to what others have to say, discern their needs and concerns , and have the ability to converse or give feedback.

Silence is also timely if one can wait without responding so quickly. If one can wait just maybe words of wisdom can be spoken instead of harmful and vain words.

Silence is golden. I observed my father practice the art of silence for hours. He would just observe people and situations. He would only respond when asked a question and his words were always words of wisdom.

I am reminded of the Scripture:"Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD keep watch over the door of my lips" (Psalm 141:3). As my pastor said a few months ago,"Satan is making a lot of noise." In conclusion, the art of silence is a lifelong journey and it comes with practice. Sometimes we have to silence the voice within in order to gain wisdom which comes from God.

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