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Time is always Opportune

We are without excuse! We have oppotune time to do what we are called to do. Therefore, we can't tell God I didn't have time.

Actually, it was Jesus who said, "So Jesus said to them, "My time is not yet here, but your time is always opportune!" (John 7:6)

Jesus' family wanted his family and others to know that he did not do anything because of his desires or the pressure from others to act before his season.

Why couldn't Jesus go up Temple service with everybody else!? Well, he could have been killed before his time to die for the world or he would allow family and friends to persuade him to do something God had not instructed him to do.

Those in the crowd could go at anytime because they were not called to die for the world and some did not even believe in Jesus and his mission.

Now, that Christ has finished His mission, we as believers are commanded to Go and tell a dying world that Jesus loves, believe in Him and He can save . We have been assigned to reach the lost because we have opportune time.

Let us not waste time or assume anything, but use time to reach others for Christ,teach them His Word and make disciples.

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